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Promotion Test

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Promotion Test


  • The Promotion Test opens at City level 22.
  • The Players must use a Hero required at each phase to clear Drills specified in the phase.
  • Various rewards such as Araken’s Sealed Box, Keys, Gold, Onyx, and Opal are available depending on the Drill.



Promotion Section UI

1Promotion Test NameIndicates the current Promotion Test. There are a total of 10 phases per Promotion Test, with available Promotion Test enabled.
2Obtained Decorations/ Total Obtainable DecorationsDisplays number of Decorations obtained in the pertaining section / the total number of Decorations obtainable in the section.
3Required Combat PowerDisplays required Combat Power for the first mission of the section.
4Perfect Clear RewardShows reward obtained when clearing the Promotion Test with 30 Decorations.
5RewardShows the reward closest to the amount of Decorations obtained. If the reward is not obtained yet, the reward icon will shine.
6ShowcaseThe reward list is shown in showcase.



Mission List UI

1Decorations ObtainedShows the total amount of Decorations obtained.
2Phase ListButton that displays the corresponding Promotion Test phase.
3Phase and ObjectiveDisplays the objective and the Decorations earned for the selected phase.
4DrillDrills for the selected phase. There are 3 drills for each phase.
5RequirementsDisplays Hero required for the selected phase.
6Appearing EnemiesInfo of enemies appearing in the selected phase.
7Reward InfoOnce the number of Decorations obtained meets the number of Decorations required for the reward, the reward icon will shine.
8ShowcaseThe reward list is shown in showcase.
9Recommended Combat PowerDisplays the recommended Combat Power for the selected phase.
10Battle ReadyButton to proceed the mission.