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  • The Barracks manages the recruiting process of the Heroes. It manages Heroes’ growth and items stored in the Inventory.
  • When selected, the function menu will be displayed.
  • The function menu will pop up when Barracks is selected.

1RecruitMoves to the Hero list when selected.
2HeroesMoves to Heroes’ waiting room when selected.
3UpgradeMoves to the Barracks’ upgrade screen when selected.




  • Players can recruit Heroes by using Diamonds.
  • Please refer to the link below for information on recruiting Heroes.
  • Go to [2. Heroes – How to Recruit]




Heroes UI

1List of All HeroesThis is the list of all Heroes in the game.
2Heroes Not Yet RecruitedHeroes that are not yet recruited are not fully visible.
3Recruited HeroesWhen a Hero is recruited, their appearance becomes fully visible.

* Selecting a recruited Hero will move the screen to the Inventory where they can be managed.



Barracks Upgrade

When the Barracks is upgraded, the Heroes’ Attack Power will increase for all contents.