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City Level

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City Level

What is City Level?

  • It is a distinct level for the City.
  • As the City grows, the level goes up with it as well as the rewards and functions based on the level of the City.



How to Level Up the City

  • The City can level up by gaining City experience points from completing Faction Missions.
  • Higher rank and harder difficulty grants more experience points.

D Rank


S Rank



Unlocking Structures and Contents through City Level

Depending on the City level, locked structures and contents will be unlocked.

City LevelContents LocationUnlocked Contents
1CityCommand Center
World MapD Rank Faction Mission
World MapFaction Mission (Dubai Map)
CityCommerce Area(General/Friendship Coin)
World MapDesert Frontlines
3CityExpedition Mission
7World MapFaction Mission(Dispatch)
World MapC Rank Faction Mission
15Landmark AreaLandmark Construction
18World MapUrgent Mission: Gold Intervention
World MapUrgent Mission: Laboratory Defense
World MapFaction Mission(Shanghai Map)
22World MapPromotion Test
25World MapBattle Zone
CityCommerce Area(Honor Coin)
30World MapB Rank Faction Mission
World MapFaction Mission(New York Map)
World MapSupply Operation
35World MapWorld Boss
40World MapA Rank Faction Mission
World MapFaction Mission(Moscow Map)
50World MapS Rank Faction Mission
55World MapArctic Frontlines