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Commerce Area

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Commerce Area


  • The Commerce Area is a structure where trade of in-game items are possible.
  • There is the “Exchange” where Players can trade with each other, and the “Store” that is provided by the system.
  • The function menu will pop up when Commerce Area is selected.

1ExchangeMoves to the Exchange when selected.
2StoreMoves to the Store when selected.
3UpgradeMoves to the Commerce Area upgrade screen when selected.




  • Exchange is a place for Players to trade items with each other.
  • Players can either sell their items or buy from other Players with Red Gems.
  • When an item is sold in the Exchange, Red Gems (transaction fee excluded) will be sent to the Mailbox.




Store UI

1GeneralCan buy items using Gold. Free item is available once a day. The store will refresh every 2 hours. Using Diamonds can refresh the shop immediately.
2Friendship CoinCan buy items using Friendship Coins. The Friendship Coin Shop only sells specified items and the items are not refreshed.
3Honor CoinCan buy items using Honor Coins.  The store will refresh every 2 hours. Using Diamonds can refresh the shop immediately.
4Currency in PossessionDisplays how much currency is in possession at the currently selected tab.
5 Supply Refresh TimeDisplays time remaining before the item list is refreshed and stocked with new items.
6RefreshButton that refreshes the item list regardless of the remaining refresh time. Diamonds are spent when used.
7List of Items SoldThe list of all the items sold in the corresponding tab. It is divided into fixed list / random list based on the store tab.
8Free ItemItem that can be purchased for free once a day.



Commerce Area Upgrade  

When the Commerce Area is upgraded, the Heroes’ Defense Power will increase for all contents.