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VIP Area

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VIP Area


  • The VIP Area is a structure that is activated when the VIP Level is increased by purchasing goods at the SHOP.
  • When the VIP Level becomes 1, the structure is built and the functions are available.
  • Unlike other structures, the upgrade function does not exist and is only affected by the VIP Level.
  • The function menu will pop up when VIP Area is selected.

1BenefitList of VIP Level benefits is displayed when selected.
2VIP StoreMoves to the exclusive VIP only store when selected.




1Current VIP LevelDisplays current VIP Level.
2Current VIP Experience PointsDisplays amount of experience points required for the current VIP experience points to get to the next VIP Level.
3VIP Benefits per LevelDisplays the benefits available per VIP Level. It is automatically sorted by current VIP Level.
4ScrollDisplays benefits of previous and subsequent levels based on the current level.



VIP Store

This shop is available for Players who achieved VIP level 1 through microtransaction.