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Combat Controls

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Combat Controls

Battle Ready UI

1Basic Mission InfoShows the name of selected mission and mission difficulty rank.
2DrillsShows info of available Drills (challenges) that can be completed during mission.
3Hero ListList of Heroes that are entering the mission. Can change heroes when selected.
4Change HeroCan change Heroes when selected.
5Mission Particle Type InfoShows the type of particles that the enemies have for the mission. If there is no corresponding Shadow Tech to the Particle type of the mission, a warning is displayed.
6Shadow Tech Particle Type InfoShows the currently existing Shadow Tech Particle types.
7Shadow Tech Deck NumberThis is the number of the Shadow Tech Deck. Players can create and save multiple decks.
8Shadow Tech ListThis is the list of equipped Shadow Tech. It moves to “Manage Shadow Tech” window when selected.
9Shadow Tech Deck ChangeButton that changes Shadow Tech deck.
10Laboratory BuffButton for Laboratory Buff. Players can activate 3 types of Laboratory Buff.
11Battle StartDisplays energy consumed and extra costs. The battle starts when selected.



In-Game Battle UI

1DrillChallenges that are available in the mission. If challenges are complete, extra rewards are given.
2Mission ObjectiveObjectives to clear the mission.
3Progress TimeTime elapsed since entering the mission.
4CameraButton that changes the camera view.
5Battery SaverButton that changes the mode to minimize information displayed on screen to save battery.
6PauseButton that pauses game progression.
7Character PortraitDisplays the HP of the character in combat.
Players can tap the character portrait to change the character controlled.
8Auto-PlayButton for using/selecting Auto mode during combat. The orders are Auto Disabled / Auto / Skill Auto
9V-PadPad that can control the character to move to desired location.
10Shadow Tech UIUtilized for using Shadow Tech. Displays equipped Shadow Tech deck and gauge. Auto button is displayed on the left side and Swap button is displayed on the right side.
11Manual ControlsButtons to use Normal Attack, Skills, and Cartridges.



Character Control

Pressing the V-Pad and dragging it to the desired location makes the character to move to that location.



How to Use Shadow Tech

1Shadow TechThis is the list of Shadow Techs equipped in the deck. A total of 10 Shadow Techs can be equipped, but only 5 are shown at a time.
2Shadow Tech AutoButton to enable/disable auto deployment of Shadow Tech.
3Deck SwapButton that swaps the list to show the other half of the equipped Shadow Techs.
4Shadow Tech GaugeDisplays the total gauge and the current gauge to use Shadow Tech.


How to Deploy Shadow Tech

There are 2 ways to deploy Shadow Tech based on the type

1) Tap the desired Shadow Tech and select the location to deploy.


2) Tap the Shadow Tech to select and slide across the screen to deploy it in that area.

(Only works for Precision Strike, Anti-Personnel Mines, and Barricade.)


Precautions When Using Shadow Tech  

When the requirements are not met, the Shadow Tech will not be deployed and a warning icon will be displayed.

When Attempting to Deploy in a Non-Deployable AreaWhen Shadow Gauge is Insufficient



Changing Controlled Character

Players can change the character to control once every 15 seconds.

When a character is changed, all of the skill cool-down for the chosen character will be reset.

Characters can be changed by selecting the character portrait.