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Hero Exp. Boosts

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Hero Exp. Boosts

Hero Exp. Boosters

  • Heroes can also earn experience points through the Exp. Boosters.
  • When the booster is used in the inventory, the Hero’s experience point increases.
  • There are three different kinds of Exp. Boosters and depending on the type, the amount of Exp. earned is different.



Types of Boosters

No.Booster TypeDetails
1Hero EXP. Booster 100Get 100 Hero Exp. when used.
2Hero EXP. Booster 500Get 500 Hero Exp. when used.
3Hero EXP. Booster 1,000Get 1,000 Hero Exp. when used.



How to Use Boosters

  • Hero Exp. Boosters can be used in the Inventory.
  • Select a Hero to use the booster on.
  • In the Consumables tab, select the booster to use and tap the Use button to increase the Hero’s experience points.