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Hero Level-Up

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Hero Level-Up

What is Hero Level?

  • It is a distinct level that all Heroes possess. They are Hero Level and Honor Level.
  • The method to leveling up is the same. However, the way that the stats increase is different.
  • When the Hero Level becomes 20, it is automatically changed to Honor Level 1. Every time the Hero levels up, stat points will be given.


Leveling Up Heroes

Hero Level and Honor Level are automatically leveled up when a certain amount of Hero experience points are gained.

ContentHow to AcquireDetails
Faction MissionComplete MissionWhen clearing a mission, Heroes gain experience based on the mission rank. If the mission fails, no experience is gained.
Desert FrontlinesDefeat EnemiesDefeating enemies grants experience points. The amount of experience points depend on the type of enemies and the difficulty of the area.
Arctic FrontlinesDefeat Enemies

* Hero experience points can also be earned through Hero Exp. Boosters. Hero Exp. Boosters can be bought in the Commerce area.  Go to [Exp. Boosters]



Effects of Leveling Up

When a Hero levels up, the Hero’s stats will automatically increase by a set number.