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Stat Points

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Stat Points

Earning Stat Points

  • Each time the Honor Level is increased, 1 stat point will be given.



How to Set Stat Points

  • Players can check/set stat points through Inventory -> Stats button.
  • Players can invest in the four primary stats. The secondary stats that go up are different for each primary stats.

Primary Stat NameSecondary Stat Type
BattleMin Damage/Max Damage/Penetration
ConcentrationCritical Damage/Accuracy
SurvivalHealth Points/Dodge
ProtectionHealth Regeneration/Defense


Reset Stat Points 

  • If players want to reset their stat points, they can spend Diamonds to reset the set stat points.
  • When [Reset Stat Points] button is selected, the set stats will initialize to 0 and all the used stat points will return.