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  • Weapons are equipment that Heroes use to attack. It increases various stats.
  • Each Hero uses different weapon and they can’t use another Hero’s weapon.



Weapon Info UI

1Weapon IconDisplays image of the weapon.
2Item EffectDisplays info of the weapon’s item effect.
3Tradable / UntradeableDisplays whether an item is tradable/ untradeable in the Exchange.
4TuneChanges sub-stat value of the item.
5Limit BreakLimit Breaks an S Rank weapon that has been upgraded to maximum level.
6SwapEquips weapon.
7SellSells weapon.
8ExtractExtracts weapon.
9Upgrade WeaponUpgrades weapon.
10Weapon InfoDisplays weapon name, skill, stat value, etc.



Weapon Ranks

  • All weapons are categorized from D Rank to S Rank.
  • S Rank weapons are sub-categorized to Normal / Epic / Unique / Legendary based on rarity.
  • The higher the rank and rarity, the stronger the weapon is.



Weapon Upgrade

  • Weapons can be upgraded to become stronger.
  • To upgrade, other weapons and gold are needed.
  • A weapon can only be upgraded by using other weapons as materials.



Weapon Stats

  • These are various kinds of stats that are given to weapons.
  • The higher the weapon rank, more types of stats and higher stat value can be granted.
Stat TypeDetails
DamageAttack power of the weapon.
PenetrationValue of how much enemy defense is ignored.
Critical Hit ChanceChance of Critical Hits.
Critical DamageValue of increased damage on Critical Hit.
AccuracyValue of increased probability of an attack landing.
Health PointsValue of increase Health Points
DefenseValue of increased Defense
DodgeValue of increased probability of missing incoming attack.




  • The Tune function can be used to reconfigure or fixate weapon’s stat value.
  • In the info window of the chosen weapon, tap the “Tune” button. Gold and Reforging Stone are needed to Tune.


  • To fixate a specific sub-stat, Stat Fixation Ticket is required.



Weapon Item Effect            

  • Item Effect is a function that has various effects that are triggered in specific conditions during battle.
  • S Rank weapons have 1, and Unique weapons have 2 item effects.
  • Item Effect’s trigger conditions and effects can be checked in the item window.



Weapon Limit Break

  • An S Rank weapon that has +20 Upgrades is possible for Limit Break.
  • Limit Break weapons have their appearance changed, basic stats increased, and has LifeSteal effect.
  • Limit Breaks can be done as many times as possible with the “Module Reconfig Chip” and the stats are changed randomly every time.