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Desert / Arctic Frontlines

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Desert / Arctic Frontlines


  • The Frontlines is a real-time multiplayer content with adventures to enjoy with other players in a large area.
  • The Desert Frontlines opens at City level 2, while the Arctic Frontlines opens at City level 55.
  • Field battles, boss raids, and daily quests are some of the contents to enjoy in the Frontlines. In the Desert Frontlines, PVP contents are also available!
  • The obtainable rewards in the Frontlines are Hero Experience Points, Gold, Red Gems, Gears, and Weapons.
  • Rusty Bolt can be obtained in the Desert Frontlines and Frozen Nut, as well as Shadow Tech Component Fragments can be obtained in the Arctic Frontlines.
  • Vitality Capsules are essential items to survive in the Frontlines. Once it runs out, the Hero will die.
  • To access the Desert / Arctic Frontlines, select them in the World Map.

1Daily QuestDisplays the list of Daily Quests for Desert/ Arctic Frontlines when tapped.
2Multi-playIcon for multi-play availability.
3Required Item to PlayIcon of Vitality Capsules needed to play the content.



Frontlines UI

1Mini-mapA mini-map that displays Desert / Arctic Frontlines’ terrain info and boss alert info.
2Area NameDisplays the area name of the current location.
3Mini-map Zoom In/OutZooms in/out on the mini-map.
4Full MapDisplays a full map of all the areas in the current Frontlines.
5Quest InfoDisplays the list of Daily Quest that can be done in the Desert / Arctic Frontlines. After entering the Frontlines, a quest mark will be displayed on the head of enemies pertaining to the quest.
6Buff InfoDisplays info of buffs that can be bought in the SHOP.
7Currencies in PossessionDisplays amount of Gold and Red Gems that the Player currently has.
8Cartridges in PossessionDisplays the amount of currently remaining cartridges.
9Vitality Capsules in PossessionDisplays the amount of currently remaining Vitality Capsules and its duration for one Vitality Capsule. When holding more than 99 Vitality Capsules, it will be displayed as 99+.
10BackpackOpens a Backpack exclusive for Desert / Arctic Frontlines. When selected, the Backpack opens and items inside are displayed. Tapping the Backpack button again when it is open will close the Backpack.
11Camera ChangeButton for changing the camera angle. Free Camera mode is available which is not used in single-play.
12ChatA chat button. Chat box is displayed when it is selected.
13MenuA menu button. Backpack, Quests, Energy Saver, and Exit are options available in the menu button.
14Name PlateDisplays Hero’s level and Player’s name. Only basic info of the Player is displayed.
15Quest ObjectiveEnemies designated as quest objective will have a quest mark above their heads.
16Hero Level/Exp.Displays the Hero’s current level and the experience point progress bar.




  • Items dropped in the Desert / Arctic Frontlines will be sent to the Backpack instead of the Inventory in Barracks.
  • When the Backpack is full, items will not be received anymore.
  • When an exclamation mark is displayed on the Backpack button, either sell the items or send it to the inventory. To send items to the Inventory, the Hero must be in a camp to send it. However, selling items can be done during combat.
  • The Backpack is shared for the Desert Frontlines and the Arctic Frontlines.

1BackpackButton for opening/closing the Backpack.
2Currencies ObtainedDisplays currencies obtained in the Desert /Arctic Frontlines. When re-entering the Frontlines, it is initialized to 0.
3VIP Slot ExpansionOnly VIPs with enough VIP Level can expand Backpack slots.
4Obtained Item SlotList of obtained items.
5SellItems in the Backpack can be sold during combat.
6Send All to InventoryPlayers can send items in the Backpack to the Inventory. Items can only be sent to the Inventory if the Hero is in a camp. If the Inventory is full, items in the Backpack can’t be sent.
7Close BackpackWhen the Backpack is open, select the Close Backpack button or just the Backpack button to close.




This is a function to chat with other Players.

1ChatButton to open/close chat box.
2GeneralTab that displays all chat regardless of area and system.
3RegionTab that only displays chat for Players in the same region.
4SystemTab that only displays chat from the system.
5Chat Output BoxSpace where the chat pertaining to the tab is displayed.
6Chat Input BoxSpace to input text.
7SendButton that sends the text in the chat input box.



Desert Frontlines Raid

<Red Gem Convoy Boss Raid>

  • Defeat the Red Gem Convoy with other Players. The Red Gem Convoy continues to move around the Restored Oasis and is spawned on the half hour. The convoy disappears once it reaches its destination, so destroy it before it does.
  • The top 10 Players who dealt more than 2% damage to the boss will receive Gold, Red Gem, Scrap Metal, and A Rank Weapons when the convoy is destroyed. 


<Night-008 Boss Raid>

  • Cooperate with other Players to defeat Night-008.
  • Night-008 is a boss that does not move from where it is spawned, but has devastating attacks with wide attack range.
  • It is spawned every hour, alternating between the Burning Desert and Meteorite Falls.
  • The top 10 Players who dealt more than 2% damage to the boss will receive Rusty Bolt, Red Gem, Key Box, and S Rank Night-008 Set Gear when the boss is eliminated.



Arctic Frontlines Raid

<DeepFreeze Boss Raid>

  • Cooperate with other Players to defeat DeepFreeze. It spawns at the Red Gem Mine every hour.
  • DeepFreeze shoots our powerful flames and digs through the ground, making it hard to find it again if not taken out quickly.
  • The top 10 Players who dealt more than 2% damage to the boss will receive Frozen Nut, Red Gem, Key Box, and S Rank Epic DeepFreeze Set Gear when the boss is eliminated.