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World Boss

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World Boss

World Boss: Oil Rig

  • Oil Rig is a real-time multi-play content where Players need to cooperate to take down a gigantic boss.
  • World Boss opens when the City level becomes 35, and it consists of 3 phases.
  • You can access the World Boss via selecting it in the World Map.

1Select RoomEnter with an existing Room number. Players can choose to play with other Players of their choice. The room number can be found in the waiting room after entering the battle area.
2CreateCreate a room as a leader without entering waiting room.
3Fast MatchEntering any room available. If there are no rooms available, a new room will be made.



World Boss Battle UI

1Current Lock StatusShows the current lock status. When in open state, other Players can enter the room via “Fast Match” without having to enter a number. When in locked state, Players can only enter the room through “Select Room”.
2Room NumberThis is the number assigned to the room. Players can enter specific room by entering the number on the entry screen.
3Show/HideCan choose to leave the room open or closed. When it’s in “Hide”, Players can only enter the room by entering the room number.
4ShoutSend request to the chat box of all Players who entered Desert / Arctic Frontlines.
5Room VacancyDisplays how many people are currently in the room.
It will be displayed as [Currently Occupied / Maximum Occupancy].
6StartWhen the Start button is selected, phase 1 of the battle will start after 10 seconds. This button is only displayed to leader Player.



Start Battle

  • After entering the room, the Player will wait for other Players. Only the leader can start the battle.
  • The battle will start when the Start button is selected in standby. Once the battle begins, no other Player can join.
  • Regardless of the current number of Players, the battle will begin once the Start button is selected. Be aware of how many people are in the room before pressing Start.
  • Even if the Start button is not selected, the battle will begin in 10 seconds once the room is full.




  • The battle consists of 3 phases. Each phase has different difficulty and reward. Once the final phase is complete, the World Boss battle will end.
  • Even if the mission fails before finishing the final phase, Players will still receive rewards for the phases that were cleared.
  • Rewards for each phase will be given equally to all players who cleared that phase.


PhasesRec. Combat PowerPhase Details
Phase 19500Objective: Stop Araken from Charging

Phase 1 is the easiest level of difficulty. Once the object is cleared, the Players will receive Araken’s Sealed Box I. The box contains 50,000 Gold, Vitality Capsules, C Rank Accelerator, B Rank Weapon, A Rank Weapon, A Rank or S Rank Set Gears.

Phase 217000Objective: Destroy Hell Fighter

Phase 2 has a moderate difficulty. Once the object is cleared, the Players will receive Araken’s Sealed Box II. The box contains 100,000 Gold, Vitality Capsules, C Rank Accelerator, A Rank Weapon, S Rank Weapon, S Rank or S Rank Epic Set Gears.

Phase 332000Objective: Destroy Araken

Phase 3 is the hardest difficulty. Once the object is cleared, the Players will receive Araken’s Sealed Box III. The box contains 150,000 Gold, Vitality Capsules, B Rank Accelerator, Araken’s Carapace, S Rank or S Rank Epic Weapon, S Rank Epic or S Rank Unique Araken Set Gears.


<Phase 1>


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<Phase 3>