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Battle Zone: Brawl

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Battle Zone: Brawl


  • Battle Zone opens at City level 25 and can be accessed via the World Map to play Brawl.
  • In Brawl, Shadow Techs are not allowed and only the Combat Power will be the factor in the battle.
  • Manual controls such as using Hero skills and moving are disabled during Brawl.
  • In Brawl, the opponents will be selected within 5 teams with similar rankings. Honor Coins and Brawl Points are given as rewards.
  • Players can participate in Brawl 5 times a day for free. Additional entry will require Diamonds.



Brawl List UI

1RankingDisplays Heroes and Brawl Points of Players in the top ranks.
2Brawl Opponent ListDisplays 5 opponents with similar Brawl Points as the Player.
3RefreshRefresh the Brawl opponent list.
4Honor CoinDisplays Honor Coins currently in possession.
5Remaining Brawl EntriesDisplays the remaining number of free Brawl entries that are given per day.
6ShopMoves to the Honor Coin Store to buy products with Honor Coins.
7Current RecordDisplays current tier, Brawl Points, ranking, and win/lose info.
8Brawl Participant Hero ListDisplays Heroes participating in Brawl.
9Team SettingButton that sets the participating Heroes in Brawl.
10Battle ListDisplays the list of opponents in Brawl.
11Top Rank!Displays info of Heroes and Brawl Points of Players in the top ranks.



Brawl Battle UI

1Default Camera AngleReturns the camera angle to default.
2Brawl Team ListList of Heroes participating in Brawl. Tapping the Hero’s portrait will move the camera to that Hero’s point of view.
3Team HPDisplays the sum of all Heroes’ total HP participating in Brawl.
4Time RemainingTime remaining until the Brawl ends. If the match is not over by the time Brawl ends, the team with more HP will win.



Brawl Rewards

  • Brawl’s default ranking point starts at 1000 points. Winning in Brawl grants Brawl Points and Honor Coins.
  • Losing in Brawl will result in reduction of Brawl Points and will only receive minimal Honor Coins.



Brawl Points and Tiers

  • The tier will rise or fall based on the results in Brawl.
  • The order of the tiers in Brawl is Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master depending on Brawl Points.



Ranking Calculations

  • Players can receive rewards if they had participated in at least 5 rounds in Brawl before the Ranking Calculations start.
  • Ranking Calculations is conducted once a week and during the Ranking Calculations, Brawl will not be accessible.
  • 500 ~ 2,000 Diamonds will be given as rank rewards to the top 1 to 50 rankers. As for tier rewards, 40 ~ 1,500 Honor Coins will be given based on tier level.