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Battle Zone: Convoy Escort

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Battle Zone: Convoy Escort


  • Battle Zone opens at City level 25 and can be accessed via the World Map to play Convoy Escort.
  • Convoy Escort is a real-time battle where Players will be matched with other Players to battle against each other by manually controlling the Heroes and Shadow Techs.
  • In Convoy Escort, the Shadow Gauge will not be recharged automatically and will have to destroy other enemy Heroes or objects to recharge.
  • When entering Convoy Escort, 8 Players will be divided into 4 attackers and defenders and the 4 : 4 battle will take place.
  • The Assault Team wins if they stop the Convoy from reaching the target location in a given period of time.
  • The Escort Team wins if they hold against the Assault Team’s attack and escorts the Convoy to the target location in a given period of time.
  • Silver Medal and Convoy Escort Points will be given as a reward when participating in Convoy Escort.
  • Players can participate in Convoy Escort 5 times a day for free. Additional entry will require Diamonds.



Convoy Escort Ranking UI

1Top Rank!Displays info of Heroes and Convoy Escort Points of Players in the top ranks.
2Current RecordDisplays current tier, Convoy Escort Points, ranking, and win/lose info.
3Remaining Convoy Escort EntriesDisplays the remaining number of free Convoy Escort entries that are given per day.
4Team SettingButton that sets the participating Heroes and Shadow Techs in Convoy Escort.



Convoy Escort Battle UI

1Total ScoreDisplays Kill score of both enemies and allies.
2View Enemy InfoDisplays enemy status window.
3Ally Status WindowDisplays ally status.
– Ally User Name
– Ally’s remaining HP
– Death status
– Kill count
– Death count
4Enemy Status WindowDisplays location info of the field.
– Enemy User Name
– Enemy’s remaining HP
– Death status
– Kill count
– Death count
5Time RemainingDisplays timing remaining for Convoy Escort.
6 Field Location InfoDisplays location info of the field.
– Convoy location
– Ally Heroes location
– Enemy Heroes location
7Ally Kill MarkDisplayed when an ally kills an enemy.
8Enemy Kill MarkDisplayed when an enemy kills an ally.



Convoy Escort Reward

  • Convoy Escort’s default ranking point starts at 1000 points. Winning in Convoy Escort grants Convoy Escort Points and Silver Medals.
  • Losing in Convoy Escort will result in reduction of Convoy Escort Points and will only receive minimal Silver Medals.
  • Regardless of winning or losing, the player who had the biggest influence in the battle will be the MVP. The MVP Player will receive additional Silver Medals.



Convoy Escort Points and Tiers

  • The tier will rise or fall based on the results in Convoy Escort.
  • The order of the tiers in Convoy Escort is Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master depending on Convoy Escort Points.



Ranking Calculation   

  • Players can receive rewards if they had participated in at least 5 rounds in Convoy Escort before the Ranking Calculations starts.
  • Ranking Calculations is conducted once a week and during the Ranking Calculations, Convoy Escort will not be accessible.
  • 10 ~ 100 Gold Medals will be given as rank rewards to the top 1 to 50 rankers. As for tier rewards, 1 ~ 30 Convoy Escort Medal Box will be given based on tier level.