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In the year 2034, the colossal meteor Nemesis, was heading straight for Earth.  Powerful enough to wipe out all life on Earth, humanity united as one to stop the incoming threat, but to no avail.  Right before the impact, “Project Nemesis”, a plan to detonate all nuclear weapons in the world at once, succeeded in changing the meteor’s orbit, and thus Nemesis disappeared out of the solar system.



However, from the explosion, the surface of Nemesis broke down to countless meteorites and crashed on to Earth.  The meteorites, each of them destructive enough to erase a city or two, caused irreversible damage around the world.  Humanity had escaped extinction, but the toll was cataclysmic.



Even before the world could get back on its feet, strange energy was released from the fallen meteorites and began to have a devastating effect on the human body.  People affected by this unknown energy either died or were turned into Red Walkers, vicious monstrosities with only aggression remaining.  Most countries lost all its function as a nation and the remaining people turned to private armed forces, or mercenaries, to protect their lives and property.



In areas where the damage was particularly severe, the countries joined together to form a supranational coalition, UGF (Unified Government Forces), for survival.  The first leader of the UGF was Spade, the senior researcher in charge of Project Nemesis.  He discovered that refining Nemesis meteorites would provide more than dozen times the efficiency of conventional fusion and named it Red Gem.  With the use of Red Gems, UGF quickly restored the damage and did not hesitate to supply other countries in need with Red Gems.



However, there was one person in the UGF that had a very different idea on how to properly use the Red Gems. Clover.  He succeeded in developing the Super Soldier Project which was based off from Red Walkers to strengthen regular soldiers, and the Shadow Tech, weapon created with Red Gems.  Spade, determined that Clover’s experiments and technology were too dangerous, decided to release the Red Gem processing technique to the world.  Wanting to monopolize the Red Gem, Clover secretly assassinated Spade, took over the UGF, and declared war against the world.



With overwhelming military power made possible with Red Gem technology, the UGF seized control of more than half of the world.  Clover reigned over the conquered nations through fear and violence, leaving the people in suffering and despair.  The remaining nations formed a coalition called the Shelter to resist the tyranny of the UGF, but effort alone was not enough to stop them.



With technology and size that paled by far in comparison to the UGF, the Shelter’s tactic of choice was to hire large number of mercenaries.  The nature of mercenaries being a small group with swift mobility made it ideal for the Shelter to target the UGF all over the world.  Because of the coercive conquest policy by the UGF, many of the mercenaries suffered much damage. Hence they had no reason to reject the Shelter’s offer.



Among them, there was one mercenary team that prevented UGF’s series of attack and repeatedly crippled their power with unexpected surprise attack.  It was a group of eight special mercenaries who were based on a remote island and using a worn out aircraft carrier to move around the world, fighting against the UGF.  With precise execution and their staggering presence in battle, people started to call them…



M.A.D 8